– Lorelei Lee is Bent in.. Lorelei Lee 2012 Gag – Lorelei Lee is Bent in.. Lorelei Lee 2012 Gag

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Sweet, seductiveblonde hair and blue eyed Lorelei comes to Device for the next serving of annoyance and predicament bondage using a side of hard black cock inside her ass.SCENE 1Innocent Lorelei sporting a pretty pink gown with claws and eyeshadow to suit has crammed into alloy. Bending overher waist is secured in a pipe and her throat is trapped parallel. Her wrists are bound over her head. Her ankles are strapped in leather and disperse wide too. Completely vulnerable, there’s no way for her buttocks being played with, cunt, or to escape having her buttocks. Ripe pickings.SCENE 2Her torso is wrapped into a leather bar crucifixion fashion. Her knees are raised before her, straight to the height of her wrists and can also be strapped to alloy. Her bum is precariously balanced on a perch that was miniature. Her mouth is pried open using a plumbing gag. She… is… fucked. Claire goes following her feet with piano cord that is cruel, to illustrate to Lorelei how helpless she is. Its very clear there is no escape. Amused, the last thing on Claire’s head is quitting…SCENE 3The ultimate at a bondage lover’s predicament arsenal – Lorelei is bent to a severe spine and stuffed in the mouth and the pussy with penis which she can’t escape. The leather straps held taut and have been angled. Her spine is pushed to the arch with her mouth pried open using a spider gag free of rite of refusal to the cock in her mouth… cumming, breathing, and terrorized, more cumming…

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