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I think Chad is a fascinating guy. He used to be a street punk who grew up on the bad side of town… you know, the kind of guy who would kick your ass if you looked at him wrong.Now he has a little daughter and hes grown up and calmed down quite a bit. Hes going to school and hes even getting his tattoos removed. Hes had three sessions with the laser and hes got three more to go before the tattoos on his arms and back are gone. Then hes going to get the one on his stomach removed ("Cracker" was his nickname as a kid).Chad has a beautiful, muscular body and apparently hes pretty athletic too. He reveals some very interesting things about himself during the interview.The end of the movie is pretty interesting too. If youve seen many of my movies, you know that sometimes I get in close for the cumshot and sometimes Im a little farther away so you can see the guys face. Well, for this movie I chose to zoom out a little and Im glad I did. You can really see the pleasure and intensity of the orgasm on his face and the first spurt flies out so far and hard that he literally comes within an inch of shooting himself in the eye!

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