– Inaugural Sarah Jane Ceylon 2007 Domination – Inaugural Sarah Jane Ceylon 2007 Domination

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The metal is excruciating and cold contrary to my flesh. It divides in my throat, thighs, and ankles like bare bones grinding against each other at the joint. It becomes more unpleasant with every modification I attempt to make. I must make myself eventually become accustomed to the metal structure, to feel as though it is an extension of my skeletal structure, part of me. Every feeling is a wonderful mixture of pain and pleasure. I feel his eyes watching me, his smirk, his pleasure in my discomfort and pain. I find that I’m turned on with this in spite of myself. He knows where each tender part of my body is and he also makes sure to exploit that knowledge. I have no option but to devote, a slave to sensations.Later on, I’m completely immobilized with my weight supported by a bar between my legs. With my head and arms tied back I find it challenging to catch my breath and before long I’m rasping and gasping for air. He lets my head up, but in the purchase price of this singletail’s licks. All I can think about is how badly I want him to reach me tougher. This place is so painful that the one thing capable of providing relief is more annoyance. It takes all my concentration merely to resist it. I am so distracted I forget to thank him if he supplies me with some thing to stand to reestablish the burden. He calls me ungrateful I am immediately consumed by so much guilt that I wish to shout. I need to make it up to him and just endure it, however, the pain is still too great. My internal battle is worse than the actual position.I would like to forget that this transient pain and to just tolerate my scenario and please him, however I can’t give up the feeling and the desire to end it. It is such a turn to get my mind and body engaged concurrently this manner. It proves my lack of hands and that is something I like very much. Eventually I cannot take any longer. I have to request to stand on the boxes . This time I will not forget my manners. My benefit is relief and a series of screaming orgasms, leaving my chest heaving with gratitude. I invite him once aloud because I am too tired to replicate it, despite the fact that it’s all that rings in my ears.

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