– Chained & Tamed Dixon Mason & PD & Jack Hammer 2014 Shackles – Chained & Tamed Dixon Mason & PD & Jack Hammer 2014 Shackles

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Dixon Mason sums up the attractiveness of device bondage flawlessly. With rope there is wiggle room, there is a opportunity to writhe and escape, however with iron there is no hope. It’s cold and unyielding, the perfect counter point to the sensuality of rope. She begins off bound with tape. It isn't the way she thought that this was about to start, but immediately it begins to become something different. A metal collar round her throat attaches her with a chain to the ceiling. It keeps her place in a way she did not anticipate. She can't loosen her thighs or even slouch with no alloy pulling from her throat. Worse, she can't go far from wherever she is. PD understands it takes full advantage, whipping her ass mercilessly. After the iron is around her elbows and wrists she moves to the floor. The bar that keeps her legs apart exposes her pussy to some brutal caning. Her tits are tied to make them more sensitive to their own abuse. She spoke about it sooner, the effect and subject has on her entire body. The bruises haven't even started to shape but her pussy is dripping wet. She also isn't quite capable to cum in the pain however, also the Hitachi on her clit will capture her the rest of the way there.Dixon'so a bit exhausted after her orgasms, but PD's friend Jack Hammer is here and he hasn't needed his turn with her however. Now the metallic bars and shackles possess her on her back with her legs spread up to the air. The iron box onto her mind blocks out each the mild but amplifies every noise . The sounds of foot steps, the cane coming down on her thighs, her own screams are created louder as they replicate in the very small prison. She’s going to cum again, harder this time, and since the waves of orgasms take her body she will get the specific feeling she needs, bucking from the persistent bondage.

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