Hdwetting.com – Wetting Jeans on the Camera   Jeans

Hdwetting.com – Wetting Jeans on the Camera Jeans

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Within this hot jeans wetting movie, Alisha pees through her trousers and right onto a camera placed below her.We join Alisha outside on the deck in which we find her wearing a black, black zip-up, hoodie and jeans. Holding a tiny watertight camera in her hands, she announces her intention to stand over the camera and urine in her pants. She puts the camera to the deck below her, and then, standing across the camera, intentionally pees in her jeans.The wetting is caught not just from the camera below herbut also from front facing camera. This means we expect to see that the entirety of Alisha wetting her pants from below in real time, from the front and real time, then replayed again from below in slow motion. After she is done , she takes off her wet jeans and keeps them up to the cam.

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