– Close Your Eyes And Relax Cherie DeVille & Ava Addams 2014 69 – Close Your Eyes And Relax Cherie DeVille & Ava Addams 2014 69

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Scene Ava Addams is at the spa for a relaxing scalp massage and facialSkin.

Cherie starts with the facial skin, together with her tender touch to massage the small muscles in Ava’s face. After some time to relax, Cherie yields to give her scalp massage to Ava. Since Ava becomes more and more relaxed the feeling of Cherie’s palms running although her hair and also the expert techniques employing the pressure points on her mind helps Ava to feel a state of calmness and tranquility. When the facial mask has been taken off, Cherie has Ava sit up to get her buttocks. Soon Cherie has talked Ava into slipping out of her top, revealing her huge breasts and her delicate skin. Cherie has the perfect seduction techniques to get Ava to proceed farther, and we see Cherie sucking on Ava’s giant tits with her hot mouth. Stick around to see what other tricks Cherie has up her sleeves. In the end, Ava is so impressed she practically calls her friends immediately to urge Cherie’s services!

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